Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Random Weekend Fun

We went to Missouri over the past weekend to celebrate the birthdays of my hubby and mom.
I took my camera and never got it out of the case. :(  Partly because I was having too much fun.
We had a soup supper and music playing party with friends.
It was great to see everyone, and the time went way too fast.

We came home Sunday afternoon and left an hour later for a roller skating party with friends. Each winter in February, I try to reserve the roller skating rink for some fun. It is nice to get some activity and fun during a time of year when its easy to be lazy and dull.

Our group was very diverse in age and ethnicity--which I loved!
In the following pictures you might spot Africans, Native Americans, someone from Spain, an African American, and a bunch of white folks from Iowa. When I look at the pictures, I see stories of redemption, adoption, second chances, and families designed by God.
My heart is full when I look at all these faces I love.

This is Janel and two of her daughters.
You can read about adoption, faith, and family life at her blog Team Sullivan.

I love the happy faces on these girls:
The mom of the two girls on the right blogs about adoption, faith, and family life at Jason & Jen's Journey.

It was a super fun weekend that was over in a flash!  
Quite different from today, which has brought a quiet snowstorm, an early dismissal from school, and cancelled evening activities.

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