Saturday, September 29, 2012

"In a hurry" sweet treat

I try to keep the ingredients for this quick and easy treat on hand. Its perfect when you need a dessert or snack at the last minute. Just make sure to allow time for the chocolate to cool if you need to travel with them. They travel pretty well if left in the mini muffin tin.

The recipe calls for 2 things: peanut butter cookie dough and Reese's miniatures.
(I keep the cookie dough in the freezer and hide the Reese's from myself  my kids.)

Divide the 12 cookie chunks in half and place each piece of dough in a greased mini-muffin pan.
Bake for 7-8 minutes at 350 degrees.
Remove from the oven and let cool while you unwrap the Reese's, then push a chocolate into each warm cookie. Allow them to cool for a while, since the chocolate gets pretty runny.

Your kids will think you're awesome if you make these for an 
after -school snack!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


It feels like fall today.
I am taking down summer and putting up fall in my house.
Red geraniums, ferns, white blooms...they are getting replaced with orange bittersweet, milk weed pods, and broom corn.
Some new mums made it onto the porch yesterday.
I am not pulling out the coats yet, but fall is definitely upon us.

A Fall Song
by Ellen Robena Field

Golden and red trees
Nod to the soft breeze,
As it whispers, "Winter is near;"
And the brown nuts fall
At the wind's loud call,
For this is the Fall of the year.

Good-by, sweet flowers!
Through bright Summer hours
You have filled our hearts with cheer
We shall miss you so,
And yet you must go,
For this is the Fall of the year.

Now the days grow cold,
As the year grows old,
And the meadows are brown and sere;
Brave robin redbreast
Has gone from his nest,
For this is the Fall of the year.

I do softly pray
At the close of day,
That the little children, so dear,
May as purely grow
As the fleecy snow
That follows the Fall of the year.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Randomness from the past week...

Praying mantis in the driveway...coolest insect ever:

It was so great (NOT) to find this truck and the parking "situation" it created when I came out of the grocery store. I was thinking about some really awful things I wanted to do to this person and the truck as I got in the passenger side and crawled through to my driver's seat. I'm over it now.

Rainbow of corduroy at Target...happy:

I fell in love with this pillow and can't wait to try to sew one at craft day.  (I need to confess that it gave me the urge to re-do my entire bedroom. I'm trying to suppress the urge.)

I have a helper hanging out with me today.
You can probably tell by her big smile that she likes to help do laundry:

Retro Light-Bright...yay!

Meg is getting pretty good with her bow...and hunting season is just around the corner:

I LOVED finding these darlings on my computer today, taken by one of Ellyn's friends:

Compare to these two pics taken one year ago. Ryan has changed sooooo much: