Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mounds of Craft Supplies

Thanks to, I am possibly going to be buried alive by junk. I have always been a crafter with LOTS of supplies, but its getting ridiculous.  Now I can no longer throw away jelly jars, old t-shirts, holey jeans, old maps, my old curtains, newspapers, the paint chip deck from 12 years ago, oatmeal canisters, old tires, ... PLEASE, SAVE ME FROM CRAFTINESS.

Actually, craftiness is one of my favorite things. The past few years have seen me doing fewer crafts, but still accumulating supplies.  It has felt great to spend the past week cleaning my sewing room and craft/stamping area. I hauled out 5 trash bags of junk, 3 bags of fabric to donate, and a couple of boxes of ink pads and rubber stamps to donate. I found an old bridesmaid dress, my black formal from chamber choir in college, and my college senior recital formal. Treasures!

Since I cleared the stamping table last week, I enjoyed making all my Valentines and getting them in the mail earlier this week.

Next up, some sewing projects that have been waiting.

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