Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ellyn -- turns 19 today!

Today is Ellyn's 19th birthday and I won't be with her to celebrate.
I am so glad that she is coming home tomorrow to properly celebrate her birthday!
We (the Carson girls) are going to see Wicked with friends. It will be a fun evening.

I am so grateful to be the mother of this beautiful young woman!
She has a dynamic personality and a love for people that is contagious.
I am proud of her desire to do well in school and to follow Jesus with purpose.
Have a wonderful birthday, dear daughter!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Birthday trip to Gulf Shores, AL

My hubby planned a long weekend trip to Gulf Shores, AL for my birthday this month. We invited some good friends to come along with us, which made it extra fun. Byron flew us in the plane and we stopped in Memphis for lunch and fuel on the flight down. Our time was so relaxing and fun, and it went super fast!

We had a great time and it was a very memorable birthday gift. :)

Ready for take off!

 Beautiful shot from the air:

Beale St. in Memphis
We enjoyed some great bbq.
I would like to return to Memphis!

View from our deck, Gulf Shores, AL

short flying trip to Dauphin Island:

Runway surrounded by water:

Enjoying some time for golf:

Enjoying some time relaxing on the beach:

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Back to School --fall 2013

I can't resist posting our first day of school pictures--even though they were taken 2 months ago.
The two college students were pretty excited to send the younger two off to school while they stayed home for another week.

First day of school Aug. 2013
Ryan -- 9th grade         Meg -- 8th grade

And just for a stroll down memory lane...
two years ago--wow have they changed!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ryan -- birthday number 15!!!

Ryan turns 15 today!
He was my tiniest baby--hard to believe now that he has a deep voice and is taller than all the girls in the family.

He likes to play the clarinet and drive himself to school (so that he can get there early).
He has a school permit and can only drive to school. I'm glad he isn't driving everywhere yet--I'm not really ready for that emotional-mommy stress.

This year I am most proud of him for the hard work and time he has invested in preparing to audition for All State band. Auditions are this Saturday and he has worked so hard. It would be uncommon for a freshman to make it, but regardless of the outcome I know he has become a better musician just preparing for the audition, which will serve him for many years.

Happy birthday Ryan!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Branson vacation -- July 2013

Please forgive me for posting some old news.
I'd really love to get caught up with some things I have neglected to post about...

Our family vacationed in Branson for a long weekend in late July.
We went to Dixie Stampede, which was a lot of fun and had fabulous food. The outlet mall provided some great bargains. The remainder of our time was spent in a boat on Table Rock Lake. 

Most of the pictures I took were on the water, except this one outside Dixie Stampede. Love these 4!

There was a huge cliff along the lake. It made my heart race just looking at it. (I'm scared of heights.)
My oldest and youngest jumped off. It seemed like time stopped while I waited for Meg to surface!
Brandon was in the water waiting for her, which gave me a little piece of mind.
Really, I would have liked to tell them they couldn't jump. But I was super proud that they are braver than I.
They loved it and Brandon went back for a second jump, because it was so exhilarating!
I guess I'll never know about that feeling! :)

Meg's jump...

 Brandon's jump...