Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Five

1. It has been a cold, windy, snowy, icy week in central Iowa. Our kids had a late start Monday morning and no school on Wednesday. I was surprised Thursday and Friday were on regular schedule, because the roads were still bad and it is soooo cold. My kids definitely enjoyed sleeping in a couple of mornings and watching movies instead of doing homework.

2. My open schedule and the yucky winter weather kept me at home all week--I love to be a hermit! I barely left our house, which allowed me to get a ton of stuff done. I purged some of my rubber stamping supplies, cooked a lot of yummy food, read, worked on my online class, stamped some cards (haven't done this for-ev-er, and it was great to get crafty!), and sewed a little bit.

3. My fourteen-year-old has his driver's permit and is in drivers education this semester. He needs to spend a lot of time practicing and document the time he spends driving. I have been saving errands for after school, and I have him drive me around. Sometimes I'm frightened. I should pray for the drivers ed instructor.

4. It is the LOVE MONTH. I really like Valentine's Day and am excited to make cards and put out a few love-ly decorations. Are you thinking of things to do to say "I love you" to the people you live with?

5. I am determined to tackle my sewing room in the next week. It is a disaster! Maybe I'll take before/after pictures. I am purging fabric and making space to get creative. Nothing is more paralyzing to me than clutter and disorganization. I can't wait to see it tidy and ready for a new project!

Enjoy the weekend!

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