Monday, February 18, 2013

A bit more Valentine's Day love--three days worth

I just can't bear to let Valentine's go without sharing a bit more. I stretched Valentine's Day out for three days and loved every minute of it.

Day 1, Feb. 14:
Did you have heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast?
I don't know if kids ever outgrow loving heart-shaped pancakes.
(I certainly haven't yet.)

We ended Valentine's Day with a fun, but not very healthy supper.

Delivery just for me, from my sweet Valentine...

Day 2:
Friday night, hubby and I had a fancy restaurant dinner with friends. I didn't take pictures, but we had a great time.

Day 3:
Saturday night I hosted a Valentine's progressive dinner with some other friends.
I was having way too much fun to take pictures, but I snapped a few at the end.

Our dog got a manicure and bow just for the party:
(poor thing)

These were the signs for the doors of the homes who were hosting courses of the dinner.
We had appetizers at the first house, salad at the second house, and main course and dessert at the last house.

The table, the day after. Why didn't I remember to snap a picture in all its glory!?!

Lots of relaxing conversation after the meal:

This awesome tiered dessert stand was made with thrift store treasures by my friend's mom.
The pieces were glued together with E6000 adhesive.
It was perfect for holding the beautiful desserts!

This yummy, layered mocha dessert featured each of our initials cut from brownies:

 My favorite Valentine's decorating:

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