Thursday, January 13, 2011

Retro Rooms

After Christmas, my daughter and I spent a couple of hours looking for treasures in my parent's basement. It was great fun to hear my mom's surprise at the things we would be interested in--especially the girls.

Both girls had been interested in adding an old phone to their room decor and I was pretty sure there was one at my parent's.

Ellyn redecorated her room as part of our remodel process. We pulled out her carpet to switch to wood floor and repainted, so she had a great opportunity to change things up a bit. She has added a lot of retro vintage items and wanted an old phone. My parent's basement did not disappoint.

She came home with an old record album to hang on the wall (you know...a giant CD, as my younger kids call them), a bit of my old bedroom wallpaper to put in a frame and an old dial phone. It is missing the cord, but maybe we'll come up with one at some point.

This phone once had a short cord, but I remember the day we switched to the long one. With the long cord I could stand inside the bathroom with the door shut for PRIVATE conversations. This phone has blood, sweat, and tears in it! Probably not my blood, but surely my sweat and tears. I spent hours chatting with friends, hours and hours. Until one of my parents would insist that I hung up.

It's pretty fun to see it hanging on the wall in my daughter's room.

Unfortunately for my younger daughter, the old green desk phone that I spent hours talking on must not have been saved. We don't really know where it ended up, but she would have loved to bring it home for her room. Instead she got the red heels that my mom used to wear dancing. They are so cute! She added them to her eclectic mix of dresser decorations.

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