Sunday, January 16, 2011

My High Altitude Adventure

Every year when we come to Beaver Creek, my family talks about the awesome views from the top of the mountains. I've sent my point/shoot camera up for them to take pictures, but we always wish I could go up to see for myself.

Today, we looked into options a little further and found out that I could buy a "scenic ride" lift ticket. I bundled up and grabbed my camera! Byron met me at the bottom and left the kids skiing around up on those mountains somewhere. As we got higher the temp dropped lower--just like they told me it would. Good thing I was bundled up! It was great to see the family and share the beautiful view with them.
I could hardly catch my breath, the views were so amazing. (wait... maybe it was because I was freezing and the air was so thin!)

Later in the afternoon (when I was back home with Ryan and Meggan) Byron, Brandon and Ellyn called me from a spot we can see from our living room window. I grabbed the camera and zoomed in on them from the living room and took their picture.  Then I got to watch them ski down the mountain.


  1. I love the fact that they called you to say, "Mom, Look at us! Take our picture!! We're skiing!!"