Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ice Candle Holders

We had some really cold weather last week, so my youngest daughter and I made some ice candle holders. We've made something like these before, but had never tried a candle holder. They are really fun and pretty, but be sure to put them in the freezer if the weather gets warm.

These are super easy to make. Fill a container with water to form the base and then a smaller container (weighted with water) to create the cavity for the candle.  Adjust the amount of water in the small container as needed to make the cavity for the candle the right size. The cranberries stabilize the small container and keep it centered. We put them on the porch to freeze, and then ran hot water over the bottom of the bucket to release them the next day.

A few years ago we made these:
Notice the twine at the bottom of the picture? It was used to hang the pretty block of ice over a post on our porch. You have to have the twine in before the water freezes.

So...go take advantage of the cold weather and make some winter beauty!