Saturday, November 13, 2010

Loved this movie...

Last weekend, our family saw the movie Secretariat with the Missouri relatives.  It was such a great family movie, especially if you love horses. Its full of girl power too.  His owner is a woman in a man's world of horse racing. She bets the family farm on Secretariat and wins big.

and speaking of girl power--
Before we went to the movie, we watched Zenyatta run in the Breeders Cup...oh my! she was so close to winning!  One more length and I think she would have had it!
Do you know about this race horse?
She had never lost a race until last Saturday. It was her final race and would have been her 20th win, but it was not to be. She is an awesome horse to watch--she stays in the back--dead last--for a good part of the race, and then she surges around all the others for the dramatic win. I love it when she beats all the boys! btw--she is a six-year-old! You can watch her races on youtube.  I highly recommend it. We like watching her races for our evening entertainment. She doesn't disappoint.

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