Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to my oldest...

My oldest son Brandon is eighteen today. We are really proud of the young man he is becoming. It seems strange to have an eighteen year I old enough for that? He is a great kid and we love having him around. It will be so different around here when he leaves for college.

Eighteen things about Brandon:

1. He loves to be outdoors--hunting, fishing, trapping, working; and he doesn't mind the cold or the heat.
2. He has a dry sense of humor.
3. He is very responsible.
4. He is introverted, but likes to be around his favorite people.
5. My yard will suffer when he leaves home, because he is so great at landscaping.
6. He is hungry all the time, and if he gets REALLY hungry he's grouchy.
7. He asks me what there is to eat all the time.
8. He has loved to dig since he was old enough to sit up. (snow, dirt, rocks, etc.)
9. He still loves to dig.
10. He is a senior this year--he played football and will go out for track.
11. He is planning to go to Iowa State University and major in construction engineering.
12. He is good at math and science.
13. He is a talented musician--plays trumpet, guitar, mandolin, and can still play a bit on the piano.
14. He is respectful to his elders.
15. He loves his family.
16. He loves Jesus and has a rock-solid type of faith. His spiritual gift is service.
17. He doesn't like change.
18. He likes to say he's from Missouri, in spite of the fact that he was born in Iowa. Missouri feels like home to him as much as his Iowa home.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Brandon!! When Ben grows up, I want him to be like you. Really, truly!