Monday, October 18, 2010

RELAXATION--Napa Valley day 3

We are having a great time. Can you tell?
On the topic of relaxation...
At lunch (cooked by someone else), we discussed how we should really try to have a date night every once in a while.
I mentioned that a person can get a massage in our own little town. Even little get-aways are really good, in my opinion.
I feel really relaxed and pampered when I eat a meal cooked by someone else, and ESPECIALLY when I get a massage. But we don't have to go to California or spend a bunch of money to relax.
(We do have to get out of our house, however, because there are a lot of people there who can contribute to stress and make relaxation impossible. It feels like a circus sometimes. Plus they are hungry all the time.) to my darlings: I love you anyway.
We would need to stop getting the mail and answering the phone.
We would need to leave the tv off (hasn't been on once since we got here--thanks honey!) and read more books, play cards and board games instead (but NO fighting during the games--some of our family members are a bit competitive)
We will need to get outside a lot more.
I need to sit by more real fires--bonfires work for me.
I'm pretty sure that Byron will need to quit his job...
Oh wait. That probably won't work.

Maybe we just need to buy two big comfy chairs for the yard.
A little crooked...I used the timer on the camera. : )
And landscape our yard like this:
(There was a wedding right in this spot by our chairs when we arrived Sat.)
I know there are more things that we could do to make our home and down-time more relaxing. But WOW, it is awesome to visit a place so beautiful and have no responsibilities for a few days. I am so grateful that the two of us could come here. We are relaxed and loving every minute of it!

Without a doubt, this helps alot:
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that there is a homemade chocolate on my pillow each night before I go to bed.
(Put there by someone else.)

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