Saturday, October 23, 2010

Birthday boy

Today is Ryan's 12th birthday...
He is such a fun kid!

12 things about Ryan:

1. He is easy going.

2. He likes to read non-fiction books.

3. He is a learner and loves going in-depth about specific topics.

4. He is bright and funny.

5. He is introverted and quiet, unless he knows you well--then he might talk your leg off about his newest interest. : )

6. He has a lot of self-discipline. (He has spent the past year being interested in fitness. He ran 7 miles on Thursday.)

7. He is my messiest kid and doesn't mind having this reputation one bit.

8. He plays the clarinet and used to play the piano. He knows more about music history than I do.
 (If you asked him about music, he would say he has no interest in it.)

9. He likes to stay at home.

10. He goes to bed early and gets up early.

11. He likes to cook (but is messy), mostly because he likes to smell things.

12. He has friends of all ages, because he is such a likable guy.

Your family loves you bunches, Ryan. Happy 12th birthday!

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