Friday, August 13, 2010

Too much rain!

Earlier this week, central Iowa got way too much rain. My rain guage had 12 inches over three nights of thunderstorms. This was on top of a record breaking summer for rainfall. I am so sad for friends who are dealing with wet basements and loss of property.

Ames turned into an island on Tuesday and Wednesday, with barely any way in or out of town. The Skunk River and Squaw Creek crested at totals higher than the record crests during the 1993 floods. I-35 was closed just south of Ames, as well as U.S. highway 30. Many other routes in and out and around the city were impassable. 

The final blow came when Ames had eight water main breaks and the city lost their water supply. Electricity was lost around the city too.

Hilton Coliseum on Iowa State University campus filled with water causing the basketball floor to float. We drove through Ames last night, since the flood waters have receded, and there is flood damage everywhere. The water supply is still very precarious. There is a boil order and residents are being asked to conserve--no laundry, minimal toilet flushing, short showers, etc.

Click here to see an arial view of the flooding in Ames.

We live in Huxley, south of Ames. Many of our neighbors and friends here have flooded basements, but our basement is dry--so thankful. The City of Huxley has asked all residents to conserve water, because if there is any more flooding we will likely lose our water supply. They also asked residents to prepare for a water emergency by having a two day supply on hand.

I am praying for some dry weather, but more rain is forecast for tonight.

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