Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maybe Church Camp isn't Heaven...

I know I said that church camp is practically like Heaven to me. I might have to reconsider that statement.
This year, church camp just didn't go very well for us. Meggan broke her foot while jumping into the pool during the first full day of camp.  

Imagine jumping high into the air off a diving board, stiffening your body like a pencil, pointing your toes as they enter the water...  
This is what Meggan did, only she was jumping from the edge of the pool into five feet deep water. Her foot hit the bottom of the pool much harder and much more quickly than she expected. The toes on her right foot rolled under and a bone broke in her foot, bulging out on the side. 

We propped her foot and iced it for a while, not exactly realizing that it was broken. The camp nurse took a look and encouraged us to get an x-ray. We drove 40 miles back to Ames on Monday evening and spent a couple of hours in the emergency room. The foot was broken and a temporary cast was put on. We spent the night at home, to give us a good night of sleep and some time to process it all--not fully knowing how or where to have her sleep at camp.

The only tears she shed were those of concern over missing camp, so the next morning we headed back to Hidden Acres. Since I was a staff member, it worked fairly well for her to stay in my room with me. I drove her to the buildings for crafts, meals, and chapel services. She missed swimming and recreation.

Some of you may remember that she got the stomach flu while we were at camp last year. I think she may have to stay home next year!

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