Saturday, May 29, 2010

Last Track Pics...until next year

I am so proud of these boys!
4x100 team for Ballard  (Brandon is third from left)
7th place in state for 3A

4x200 team
4th place in state for 3A
They broke their own school record set last year at state. (3 of the 4 boys stayed the same.)

This was Brandon's third year to make it to state track.  
We never buy t-shirts, but I couldn't resist this year.  
He made it in three events, 
and I didn't feel like we could count on repeating this fabulous season next year.  
This shirt will definitely end up in the display at his graduation party.

I also couldn't resist having the shirts printed with some extras.
It was a great track year...
let's hope we have an even better one next year, when Brandon is a senior!
(I hope I get to buy another shirt next year too.)

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