Monday, May 17, 2010

Death of a Deck- house remodel-week 3

Our deck got torn off today.  This is the space where our new family room will go.  

The only sadness I felt in losing the deck is that my dog won't have a place to sunbathe anymore.  On early spring days the deck is so warm, and she loves to soak it up...especially if I leave the door standing open, so that she's free to come in and out.  Something about that closed door makes her nervous.

I am sad about the future of those beautiful lilacs.  We're going to try to move them, but they may not survive this addition/remodel process.  I used the deck for a lot of flowers in pots as well...sad about that.

The doorway to the deck is the main access to our back yard.  We use it constantly throughout the day.  It is going to be a problem...mostly for Mandie.  In this picture, she is wondering how to get back into the house.  Poor pooch!

The missing deck boards aren't a problem for this member of the family.  Pumpkin is the only one not impacted.  Just a day or two more, then the boards she's walking on will be gone too.

Another sign of progress...that's what the death of the deck is to me.


  1. I love the look on Mandie's face!

  2. I need to come over and see it all. I feel a little sad for your deck, too.