Sunday, May 23, 2010

Iowa High School State Co-Ed Track Championships

We have been hanging out at the amazing Drake University track, also known as the blue oval.
It's one of my favorite places:
Home of the famous Drake Relays which have been held for 100 years and are attended by the best track athletes in the world.  (Michael Johnson, Lolo Jones, and Jesse Owens have run there.  Usain Bolt is expected at next year's Drake Relays.)
Host track of this year's USA Track and Field Championship.
Host of last year's NCAA Track and Field Championship.

It is such a privilege for Iowa high school students to get to run on a track of this caliber.  The atmosphere is so special.  You can feel it when you walk into the stadium.
Almost sacred... in a track sort of way.  : )

On Friday we had the whole family, all 6 of us, plus Byron's parents who drove up from Missouri, at the track meet and forgot to take a picture.  I am glad we got a picture taken on Saturday (thanks Lisa!).

On Saturday, I went to the track meet, then to a softball game of Meggan's in a different town, then back to the track meet, and then to a graduation party. Today was church, then a soccer game for Ryan, then our neighbor girl's graduation party.

Busy weekend.  More track pictures to come later, because I can't resist. : )

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