Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Wrap-Up

This is a busy time of year.  Here are some pics of what we've been doing.

Byron and Ryan ran a 5K race.  They called after the race to tell us that Ryan got first in his age group and that Byron got third in his!!! (Then they told us that Ryan was the only runner in his group, and that there were three in Byron's.) They got the shirts they are wearing, but didn't have a great choice of sizes, as you can probably see. Ryan got the cup, since he won his age group. : )
Ryan has been playing soccer games on Sunday afternoons and practices a couple of times a week.  He runs and works out daily.  He enjoys reading a lot too.

Byron is trying to keep up with everything at home and work.  He's also trying to keep up with Ryan when they run together! The grass grows like crazy and we are never home to mow in the evenings. (We used to have a teenage boy who took care of our mowing, but he's very busy now.)
He works the home track meets as a timer and we split up a lot of evenings to attend the away track meets for Brandon and Ellyn--we need more co-ed meets, so we can all go together.

Brandon has been very busy with track, but has managed to find time for mushroom hunting. He is going on a mission trip to Panama this summer, so he has been working on fund raising for the trip. (Thank you for your generous donations!)  He went to two proms in April, which made for two busy weekends but a lot of fun. We helped host a progressive supper for one of the prom groups.  We fed dessert to 18 kids at our house. It was fun to see all the kids in their formal clothes.

Brandon is on the far side in this picture (just finishing 200m in first place, his teammate in second):

Ellyn went to Rosebud Indian Reservation with another family for Easter. They served a meal and hosted an egg hunt. She loved on a whole bunch of kids!  
She has also been busy with track.  She is preparing for her dance recital, but has trouble getting to dance class because of all the track meets.   
Ellyn is in red on the left:
Ellyn's shuttle hurdle relay team, she's second from the left:

Meggan has been keeping busy with softball, dance and theater class. She finished up her theater class with a performance this week--she is in the middle of the picture in brown (she was a groundhog):

I had a garage sale with some friends, and I'm wishing I would have gotten rid of even more stuff.
Meggan bought the fan in the picture, but I resisted the urge to buy this bridal veil... to wear if Byron and I ever renew our wedding vows. (tee hee)

A new project is about to begin at our house.  It has been taking an enormous amount of time.  I'll be posting about it in the future.
Here's a hint:

Happy May Day to you!

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