Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ryan's birthday

Catching up ...

Ryan turned fourteen last week. He has grown a ton in the last year and has a new wardrobe to show for it. He is taller than all the girls in the family now--standing 5'5".

He is a good student and likes to learn. He made honor band (clarinet) this fall and has been learning the pieces in his favorite place to practice--the basement storage room. (Maybe it has really good acoustics???)

He isn't a picky eater anymore, because he is too hungry. My teenage boys lose their picky eating habits at age 13 when their high-speed growth overtakes their ability to consume enough calories--they begin to eat whatever I put in front of them. Anything. Anytime.

My proudest moment as Ryan's mom was when I received an email from his youth leader at church who had a conversation with one of Ryan's friend that he wanted us to know about.
Ryan's friend:
 "You know, I had been going to confirmation class in my old church for the past two years but I've learned more about knowing Jesus from Ryan in the week during xtreme connect than my old church taught me in years."

Ryan doesn't like to get his picture taken, but he finally indulged me, and I'm so glad!
We love you, Ryan! 
Ryan - age 14     October 2012

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