Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Five

1. Last week was homecoming week at our school, and I have some great pictures of my beautiful senior daughter and her friends. She was on homecoming court with nine other amazing kids. I am planning to do a separate post...soon, very soon.

2. Fall is definitely in full bloom...the view outside my window is breathtaking. This fall has more vibrant color than we've had in years.

3. We have been babysitting Halena's kids again recently. She has a new job as a CNA and works a lot of evenings, nights, and weekends.
This kiddo isn't much of a morning person:
  4. Check out the rows of ruffles on my new Target pillow. I am loving the home decor stuff at target right now! (I would have lost my mind sewing all those ruffles.)

5.  The past week has included doctors appointments, honor band auditions (Ryan-clarinet), volleyball games (Meg), haircuts, work, school/homework, church, and TELEVISION. Too many hours of television! I barely watch television, but I absolutely LOVE watching The Voice. The problem...its on two nights in a row and I am parked in front of the tv the entire time! Have you watched it? There is so much talent! Watch it...Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

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