Monday, October 8, 2012

Ellyn's Homecoming 2012

My senior daughter and nine of her friends were voted onto the homecoming court.
Ellyn (center front)  homecoming court 2012
She felt so honored to have been chosen by her classmates.  The other students on the court were some of Ellyn's best friends throughout junior high and high school. I think that made her experience even more special.

They had a great time participating in all the homecoming activities for the week.
Like "twin day"...
It was a busy week, made busier by finding dresses, getting hair fixed, locating a car for the parade and making posters to hang on the car.

Some of the Missouri relatives made the drive up for the big evening of the parade and coronation.
Ellyn was feeling the love! She even got roses delivered to her at the hair salon while she was getting her "up-do". They were from the grandparents who couldn't make the trip. I think she enjoyed getting them at the salon more than if they had been dropped off at home--more girls were present to share the moment with her!
Jessie, Aunt Julie, and Gramma with Ellyn

All ten, ready for the parade...

Throwing candy and waving to all the friends and families...

Coronation was in the gym following the parade. We would have loved for Ellyn to win but were thrilled for any of the girls, since they were all friends.
The boys were also good friends--I'm glad I didn't have to vote!

Siblings :)
Jacob and Ellyn -- Homecoming 2012

Ready for the dance...

What a great memory for Ellyn's senior year!

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