Friday, December 16, 2011

My Redneck College Student

My redneck college student came home from college (like he actually ever left) and...
  • got his first haircut in 3 months
  • dropped a pile of dirty clothes in the middle of the laundry room floor
  • trimmed his beard, because he hasn't shaved in 6 weeks
  • took 2 naps his first day at home
  • gathered siblings at 7:00am to wake up Levi by singing Jeff Foxworthy's Twelve Redneck Days of Christmas (plus "Jingle Bells, Levi smells...")
  • loaded his truck with guns and traps, to spend the next week trappin' coons in Missouri for extra spending money
  • cut his toenails in the dining room before leaving for Missouri
  • shared a gallon of chocolate milk with little brother (did you both drink out of the jug???)
  • lives in jeans, flannel, boots and carhart overalls 

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