Sunday, September 26, 2010

Catching up...

Life has been getting in the way of blogging lately, but I'm ok with that. : )

Meggan started band and is playing the trumpet. She has had a lesson at the school everyday for the past two weeks. Even though I'm homeschooling Ryan and Meggan, we drive to the school for art and band. I'm glad it is only 6 minutes away, because I was there 5 times one day this week. I don't have any pictures of either of them with their instruments, because they practice in the basement with the door shut. That's where we all prefer them to practice.  I know it will get better...

The past week has been Homecoming Week for my older kids. It has been a mix of good and bad--mostly good. The parade got cancelled, because it just can't seem to quit raining here.

The kids have been dressing in strange costumes for school. This is Batman, along with Pebbles and BamBam for "celebrity" day at school. I wish they had spent as much time studying as they spent on their costumes all week.

The coronation of the king and queen candidates was very nice--the king and queen were two of Brandon's best friends.

The football game was one of the most intense games we've had in several years. We were ahead by two with about 2 minutes left. Our opponent had possession and was marching down the field in position to score and win the game. They threw a long pass and Brandon intercepted it to seal a win for us. We were so excited to win our homecoming game and very proud of Brandon. It felt great for him, because he's seen less playing time this year compared to the past five years. He often says he can't catch a football, but proved himself wrong this time!

(Thanks to my friend, I have this picture. My camera was dangling around my neck while I jumped up and down screaming my head off.) She got the shot right after he reached out and caught the ball.

Here's a picture of Ellyn, calling formations during the game. That girl loves football. 
The coach tells her a formation and then a play. 
She gives the signal to the offense on the field for the formation.
(It's so cute, because she looks really little next to the coach and players...
she's really little next to almost anyone.)

We came back to our house after the game with a dozen friends in tow. I was glad we had already planned to make homemade pizzas after the game, or I would have been scrambling to come up with food for our impromptu celebration party.

The Homecoming Dance was Saturday night, and my date didn't take me out to eat before the dance.
Should I protest?
(We were chaperones.)
Brandon's group: (Don't ask me how THREE guys got to take FIVE beauties!)

Ellyn's group:  They look like they color coordinated their clothes.

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