Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Addition/Remodel Update -- week 18

Last week our house project turned a big corner. Just when I thought I might lose my mind trying to keep up with our family's life in the middle of this construction project, suddenly all the painting got done and the flooring went in. Byron and Brandon (plus Ryan and Meggan, when necessary) spent Labor Day weekend installing wood floor. Putting wood floor over the yucky plywood made this place feel like a home again.

The dining room flooring was finished first, and we were able to move our table into it and eat a meal in the proper place. It felt great to have some space around the table, since the table has been in the middle of the kitchen for the past month (where a small island will eventually go). In the kitchen, we could only seat 5 around the table, so any extras sat at the bar. Having the table in the kitchen made it easy to serve food, since I could transfer food from stove to table without taking a single step. We could also load the dishwasher without getting out of our seats...assuming no one was sitting in the way of the dishwasher door. Having the table in the kitchen has been VERY cozy...a little too cozy...but it did help me get a feel for what size island will be appropriate.

Ellyn and I painted her bedroom while flooring was being installed in another area of the house. It was nice to paint without worry of keeping the floor protected.  Her bedroom gets wood floor as well, mostly due to the fact that we don't plan for it to be a bedroom once kids leave home. (I'm claiming it as my space for sewing, scrapbooking, digital photography, and general creativity in the long-term plan.) In the short term, the wood floor will make it easier to deal with dog hair, since Mandie sleeps with Ellyn. Her wood floor will start going in today. (note to self: 1000 sq. feet of wood floor takes more than a 3-day weekend to install)

Speaking of Ellyn's bedroom... it got new painted trim, new wall paint, and the new wood flooring. It hasn't been able to be occupied for the past 2 weeks. We moved everything out, pulled out her carpet, tried to find a place to put all of her stuff, and set up beds elsewhere. We have a friend's daughter staying with us for the foreseeable future, and all three girls have been sharing Meggan's bedroom. Like the kitchen... it's been VERY cozy. (and cluttered, and grouchy, and tiring for all the girls in this house.) In spite of this, I believe that it will be remembered as a fun time--three twin beds along one wall, just a foot of walking space in between. You gotta love it! (We are all glad it is a temporary arrangement.) Meggan has mostly slept on a couch elsewhere, since the other two girls get up early for school and 7:30 am marching band practice. It works much better to have Meggan in another room. However, don't think that one bed is left empty--Mandie gets her own twin bed. What a spoiled rotten dog!

Last night we sat in the dining room, with all 7 of us around the table, for supper and banana splits for dessert. It was the first time to be around one table together. It was wonderful and I decided that we might survive this remodel after all. I can already tell how much we are going to love the extra space it will provide. The end of the project is finally in view, and I am sleeping much better because of it.

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  1. Where will your craft/creative room be for the next couple of years?
    And I like the flooring! I'm tryin to talk mom in to getting that when they redo the kitchen at the farm. Where did you get it?