Thursday, September 2, 2010

Around the House

Football games with friends:

School--getting back into the swing of a schedule, homework, and extra activities.

Church--our church's kids program D6 (named for Deuteronomy 6) starts this week, as well as the junior high and senior high ministries. We have kids in all three this year, so I'm very grateful that I have a kid who can help out with the driving.

Dance--just getting started again for the girls. One more thing to drive to several times a week. I'm glad it is right in town. A little tricky for Meggan since she can't really dance yet, due to the broken foot.

Doctor appointments--Meggan's foot is healing well. She goes Friday and will be finished wearing the surgical shoe. We expect that she will be allowed to wear a running shoe after Friday, although she can't bear the thought of not wearing flip flops. It wouldn't surprise me if she wears a flip flop on the good foot and a running shoe on the injured foot. It wouldn't be that different from what she has been doing for the past 4 weeks.

Prairie Festival (our town's annual celebration)-- Ryan ran the 5K race for the second time. He ran with a couple of friends and they hung around after the race to meet the winners. The winners are cousins from Kenya, but have lived in the U.S. for many years. They were very friendly and talked to the boys about running--which thrilled Ryan.

Meggan participates in the Prairie Fest Dog Show each year. this is the first year in the past three that she hasn't placed in any category.  I just can't resist showing you last year's winning entry for Best Costume. (It was so much cuter than this year's.)  We had a prairie girl costume that I had sewn earlier, so she sewed our dog and a friend's dog matching skirts. I sewed Mandie a bonnet to match Meggan's. She was a prairie girl with her prairie dogs for the Prairie Festiival. She won first place with the adorable pooches in their costumes.

She has shown our friend's dog Bear in the dog show for three years--first as a cheerleader, then a prairie dog in a skirt, and this year she dressed him in pajamas and bath robe. He was a sleepover girl.  I mean boy.  Poor guy! He's very forgiving and seems to love her anyway.  

Mandie is used to being humiliated and tortured with various articles of clothing: 

OK, I'm done with Mandie pictures now. That diversion was very enjoyable for me.  It helped me forget about my messy construction site upstairs. I'm pretty sure I have needed MORE diversions this summer!
These pictures make me laugh. I need to laugh more.
Can someone come over and make me laugh? 

I am proclaiming now that this fall is going to be more fun than the summer has been.  : )

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  1. Crack me up with Mandie!! Poor Pooch!
    I just thought the same things myself today- I need to stop being so serious all the time! Shall I send Luke over?