Friday, June 18, 2010

"While You Were Out" Bedroom Makeover -- part 1

My youngest child is turning ten years old next week. Yes! My baby will be ten!
Apparently when Meggan was five or six (which seems like last week), I promised her a bedroom makeover when she turned ten.
I can't believe it came so quickly. I love this beautiful girl so much!

For more than six months, Meg has talked about re-doing her room, and my 15-yr-old daughter and her friend started making plans for a "while you were out" makeover.  Meggan determined that she wanted the makeover for her birthday gift.  So while Meggan is staying with Gramma for a few days, we are painting and sewing and shopping.

I can't really recommend doing a bedroom makeover during an addition/remodel of a kitchen, dining, and family room. It seems that since the bedroom isn't a part of that remodel process, maybe a family would want to leave the unaffected rooms intact--in order to keep their sanity.  However, this bedroom makeover/ birthday gift was planned long before the addition/remodel, so we are living in a little more chaos because of it.

Here are a few before pictures of Meg's bedroom. (I forgot to take before pics until it was partially cleared.) Really, there was a LOT more stuff in this room before I shot these pictures.

I am pretty disappointed that I will no longer have a "little girl" bedroom in my house.  I think every home needs a bedroom with a child-sized table and chairs,  a doll house, and a border of yellow and pink flowers painted along the top of the wall.  Since my girl is growing up, some of those things will be going into storage.  I plan to use them again one day...

Here are some peeks into the room makeover for Meggan and Gramma to see:

More photos later, we are too busy painting and sewing to spend much time blogging!

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