Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Addition/Remodel update -- week 6

I had lots of fun watching my kitchen progress last week.
We painted the walls Camelback from Sherwin-Williams. Most of my house is painted a color off of that paint strip.
The cabinets are all in now and the counter top measure is today.

My mudroom looked like this last week:
My mudroom has two closets--the one you see above and a second one that has been a pantry for the past 15 years.
Since my new pantries for the kitchen were installed, I was able to move things into them.  This emptied the  mudroom pantry and freed it up for mudroom things like shoes and gym bags.  It was a relief to tame the mudroom clutter and get the stuff behind closed doors.  It still has a lot of tools and construction equipment in it, but we can walk through a little more easily now.
The past weekend was rainy, so we spent Saturday vacuuming out cabinets and putting in the shelves.
Here's a look at the new pantry:

We have a delivery date next week for the appliances and a date for the countertop installation the following week.  The kitchen is nearing completion. It should be mostly finished by the end of June.
Then I can brace myself for the rest of the remodel/addition process.

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