Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Branson Vacation

We are having a great time on vacation in Branson.  We arrived Sunday evening and went out for yummy pizza, after checking in to our condo on Tablerock Lake. 
We spent Monday on the lake.  We rented a boat and the kids enjoyed tubing, skiing, and wake boarding.  Byron did ski a little, but he mostly let the kids have their fun.  I was the official photographer and kept everyone lathered with sunscreen.

Byron and Brandon have each water skied before, but the other three kids have only snow skied. After about an hour of tubing, they were ready to get the skis out. Brandon went first, since he already knew how. Here he is wake boarding.

 Once Brandon had some skiing out of his system, it was time for ski school!

 It was a blast watching them learn.  They are all three so different. Their individual personality traits really show when it's time to learn something new and challenging.

First Ellyn gave it a try.  It took her a few times, but she never gave up.
She was determined to do it and knew it would be so fun once she had it figured out. She had a great time the rest of the day.

Ryan tried next and had trouble just keeping his body/equipment in the right position to even get started. Brandon was in the water to help him, but he was frustrated and refused to try after the first failed attempt.  His smile here is not representative of how the learning session really went.

Meggan went last and was nervous but motivated. Brandon helped her and she got up the first try.  We weren't surprised that it came easily for her, but I think she was. 

Ryan decided he had to give it another try (yay!), and got up right away.  He always takes a little longer to warm up to new things.  I was really proud of him for trying again.  He ended up having a lot of fun!

Here are my sunkissed darlings:

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