Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Something Fresh for the New Year

Do you grow paper whites?

I love to get them each year to brighten the winter with some pretty white blooms.

I usually find a ready-to-go bulb kit sometime in December. This year I did things a little differently.

I wanted to use some of my own containers and grow the bulbs in rock instead of soil.
My local Earl May store had a nice supply of bulbs and rock. I picked up a couple of extra containers, as well.

Paper whites are so easy:
--layer soil or rocks in bottom of container (probably need at least 2 inches)
--cover the base of the bulbs at least half way with soil or rock to anchor/stabilize
--water until soil is damp or water level is just below the base of the bulbs
--place the container in a location with lots of light
--you should have blooms in approximately 6 weeks

I'll be sure to post more pictures later to report on the growth, but for now, here are some shots from "planting day."

One of my kids (20 yr old) had a friend over, and the friend asked if I was growing onions in rocks. :)
"Ummm, no. I buy my onions at the store."

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