Saturday, January 12, 2013

Friday Five--on Saturday

1. This week has been quiet and slow, allowing me to get to some extra projects. I love updating the photo albums in January, but I really wish I hadn't "saved" the entire last year of photo printing for now. I am taking a new-to-me approach (wish I'd done it several years ago) this year and making a digital photo book of all the favorite family pictures from 2012. I decided to use
This is one of my favorites from the year:

2. Did you know you can print your Instagram pictures? I made a Christmas gift/book of my daughters Instagram, used for this book as well. It turned out great. Their website says they print facebook photos and blogs too.
A couple of my favorite Instagrams from last year:

3. It has been great to catch up on house cleaning after being gone so much in December. (I can't believe how a house can get so dirty when a family isn't even home.) This week, I did a new home maintenance project seen on I dumped baking soda and vinegar down all the drains and then followed with hot water. It's supposed to keep the drains running clearer--I hope it works. I felt like I was doing a science experiment as it foamed each time! I also felt like I possibly had too much time on my hands. This would have never made it onto my to-do list when I was a crazy home-schooling mom of four!

4. My 14-yr-old son just got his drivers permit and started drivers ed class. Thank you to my husband for taking him driving on Saturdays. It is soooo scary to ride with brand new drivers, but hubby says he's doing really well! :)

5. I had two dates with my husband in the same week! My favorite date included lunch at a fun coffee shop and an airplane ride at sunset. I wouldn't mind doing that every week...

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