Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This & That

So...school started.
All four of my darlings are in school. Brandon at Iowa State and the other three here in town at the middle school and high school. The hubby and kids leave me by 8:00 each weekday morning.

So...what have I been up to?

After the family leaves each morning, Mandie and I spend about an hour walking around town with these friends:

This picture was taken the day the boys came home to Iowa...6 months ago! Lisa blogs at Running towards Love when she has any spare time.
I got to spend some extended time with only the boys last week, due to a death in their family. The boys taught me how to feed and water their pet snakes.  :)

On Friday, a friend and I combined our garden produce and made a batch of fresh salsa.  It was great to hang out together while our kids were in school. We used to get together with lots of children and spend all our time giving snacks and drinks, changing diapers or wiping noses. Our lives are very different now that the youngest of our 8 combined children is 12. Click HERE to read Tori's blog.

In these first two weeks of school, I have cleaned my house more than is typical for me, helped a friend pack for a move, enjoyed a couple of lunch dates with friends, gone shopping for clothes for myself, besides my normal "mom activities" of orthodontist appointments, football games, grocery shopping, cooking, etc.

I think I will get used to this new routine, which I'm finding is not actually a routine at all.
 Each day looks different, but I am enjoying the variety so far.  I'm not sure what Mandie thinks of it...She is my shadow all day, since there is no one else to provide entertainment or affection.  

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