Saturday, May 26, 2012

Random thoughts

1. I feel grateful every year on Memorial Day: grateful that I live in this country of "the land of the free and the home of the brave." I am also so grateful that I grew up going to the country cemetary down the road from my house, where so many of my relatives are buried. My parents would take me to their graves, we'd deliver flowers cut from our yard, and talk about how everyone was related. As I get older, I realize that not every one has those very important experiences and memories.

2. School is out and summer is upon us! This is our first summer following a school year with all the kids in public school. I'm not quite sure what it will bring, but it definitely feels different than prior years when the kids were homeschooled. Looking forward to more free time=less homework. I hope we have a summer with a good balance of work/play/serve.

3. My Bible study just ended last week...I was in Bible Study Fellowship this school year. We studied Acts and the life of Paul, which took us through a dozen or so other books of the New Testament. It was exactly what I needed this year! Studying Paul's life was such an encouragement to me. Each week I would be spurred on to sacrifice more. Paul literally laid down his life so that other's could know Jesus. I want to be more like that!

4. Dance recital week has arrived. Pictures are all day today, then next week is full with rehearsals and performances. This has been part of our life for about 13 years. It seems weird to think that we might only have two more dance recitals--Ellyn will graduate next year and Meg will probably not continue with dance much longer.

Gotta run...enjoy the three day weekend!

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