Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday 5

I posted this a few minutes before midnight, so it still counts as Friday! :)

1. The stomach flu only got 3 members of this household--thankful, so thankful for that! We have recovered and are enjoying the lovely spring weather we've been having. I have not planted one flower or garden plant, and I'm looking forward to doing that next week...assuming I can fit it in between the bedroom re-arranging, dentist appointment, band concert, hair cuts, graduation parties, Bible study group, piano lesson, grocery shopping, laundry, meal prep, etc.

2. Track season is winding down, and both Ellyn and Ryan had their last meets this week. Ellyn isn't done practicing yet...she will go to state track next week as an alternate for the Ballard girls 4x200 team! I am so excited to know we have a reason to go to the state track meet and cheer for our track girls!

3. My college son moved back home last week. So did his laundry. And his need for a job. Yesterday we moved Halena and her kids (from Rosebud) into their apartment. Add some more laundry to the pile. She still needs a job too.

It was weird to have time to write a blog post this morning, because i wasn't busy feeding little children breakfast. We've grown used to their presence these past 2 months, and the house seems too quiet. They are only a block away, so I know we will be spending lots of time together!

4. I have hatched monarchs in my kitchen for years, but have never found eggs or caterpillars until after Memorial Day. I already have eggs on all my milkweed and have seen monarchs flying around for several weeks. I love this time of year!  You can read more about my butterflies in these posts.

5. My daisies are all in bloom and my first peony opened yesterday. There is nothing more cheerful than a daisy. Have I mentioned that I love this time of year???

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