Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sports Rules for Parents

In light of the fact that all the spring sports have started, I thought I would print this excerpt from "The Sport Parent's Manual" by Tom Doyle.

Things parents do that their kids really appreciate:

  • Taking time out of your busy schedules to come to games and support what we do.
  • Bringing snacks after a game.
  • Supporting the whole team, not just me.
  • Cheering the team even when losing badly.
  • Telling us we did a good job.
  • Being proud of us even when we didn't win.
  • Being quiet unless cheering with everyone else.
  • Never yelling at a coach or ref.
  • Making friends with the other parents.
  • Telling a "negative" parent to be quiet.

Things parents do that embarrass their kids:

  • Trying to teach me how to do something "correctly" after a game.
  • Coaching during games even though you aren't the coach.
  • Telling me what I was doing wrong after every game.
  • Being asked to leave a field by an official.
  • Going crazy at the refs--because it's not your job. It is the coach's job to question bad calls.
  • Taunting other players, opponents, refs.
  • Yelling things at coaches and getting involved with something that was between coach and me. It was none of your business.
  • Coming to a game drunk or after drinking.
  • Acting disappointed with what I am doing instead of reassuring me I will do better next time.
  • Getting a technical foul against our team.
  • Don't tell me I'm really cute in my uniform.

one of my favorites--Meggan's first year of t-ball
May 2006

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