Monday, April 18, 2011

Some days your the window, Some days your the bug

Feeling a little bit like the bug recently. My two younger kids have been fighting a virus lately, and it's getting in the way of life!

I am so glad I have this time of busy days taking care of kids, but it's a little on the crazy side sometimes.

I like capturing a "day-in-the-life" in writing, so that I remember what raising 4 kids really looks like.

I'm thankful that its not usually this hectic!

Here is a look at a recent Monday:
(Because of the kids' illness, we didn't even get normal school work done, and they missed band and art classes.)

8:30 am
--doctors appt. at the medical clinic for Ryan's sore throat
--pharmacy for antibiotic
--sign papers at physical therapist (Brandon had been there while we were at the drs. appt.)
--go back home to get Meggan

--drive Meggan to school for band lesson
--trip to vision clinic regarding Ryan's broken glasses
--back into medical clinic with a question regarding Meggan's symptoms that are still hanging around
--back to school to pick up Meggan

***I'm thankful the medical clinic, vision clinic, pharmacy, and physical therapist are all near each other!

11:30  --spend some time reading history, eating lunch

12:30  --Angie haircut

1:15 --doctors appointment to re-check Meggan (3rd time at the medical clinic today)
--drive to Ames to return Brandon's tux from prom
--drive to copy center regarding graduation invitations
--errands at Target

--arrive home and make a quick supper
--pack blankets, coats, camera, food for track meet

--leave for Brandon's track meet
--stop at pharmacy for Byron's prescription refill (3rd time at the pharmacy today)

10:00 --home from track meet

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