Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ellyn's bedroom {guest blog}

my mom asked me to "guest blog" about my bedroom makeover that i got as part of our new addition/remodel. i don't have very good before pictures, because our house/lives were pretty chaotic when they tore into my room. here are some snapshots of my bedroom over the past couple years:
the paint color was Dancing Green from Sherwin-Williams, which was my wall color for the past six years.
& i had carpet, which collected a lot of animal hair from all those lovely pooches.
another thing i didn't like about my old bedroom, was that not very many colors looked good in it--mostly just pink or green.

but now...

i have this:

my new color is Mesa Tan from Sherwin-Williams.
& i have lovely wood floors!!
now i don't have to worry when my dog pukes, or when my friends come over & would like their clothes to stay pet-fur-free. it is w o n d e r f u l.

<-- some little things i love, including an elephant my Nana won at a Bingo party & a box my mom brought back from New Mexico that holds roses from my uncle's funeral.

<--jewelry box my Uncle Jason gave me, & framed wallpaper from my mom's room growing up.

all of my furniture came from Target's Shabby Chic line about six years ago.
but i still love it.
the old telephone was from my Gramma & Grandpa's house.
the photo wall has been there for a few years. i just switched out a couple of the pictures, & some really need to be replaced still. (the middle one of me... yikes, i still had braces.)
& the tissue paper balls i made. you can get directions on how to make them here.
the ladder is from JBknacker. the store is full of old junk. its like a dream (i really like old things, if you can't tell:)  i painted the ladder aqua.
my dad & i made the peg board. i picked out knobs that i liked, or extras that we had laying around the house, mixed some paint together & painted the board, & he screwed the knobs in. thanks dad!

the framed fabric was my Great- Grandma's.
this wall is still in progress. i have several black picture frames waiting to be hung up. the wall will revolve around this picture:
the quilt is not new, but i'm too in love with it to ever part.
& the oval frame is from JBknacker, & then painted aqua.
i've been wanting to make some kind of fabric headboard, kind of like this one here.
but we'll see if i ever get to that...
the wire basket & the green table are also both from JBknacker.
& i made the hat box.
these are closet dividers that i made because... well i guess because i felt like being crafty!! but aren't they cute? i think my mom thought i was crazy for making them. i used cheap wooden picture frames, painted them, cut out scrapbook paper for the front, & Mod-Podged it on. i made six of them. if you wanted to make these for a real purpose, you could use them for a baby closet & put stickers on the divider to separate all the different sizes. or you could sort by color. or you could just put them in there to separate your sweaters from your t-shirts like i did. :)

now my project for this snow day is to make a bounty banner like the ones here.
i don't know where i'll put it, but what else is there to do? & i've ALWAYS loved the look.

now go drink a cup of hot chocolate & snuggle up with your dog.
its cold outside!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! LOVE the photo wall...and especially love that silouette picture of you leaping (not sure what the correct dance terminology is :).

  2. Ellyn, you did a great job on the post! I will testify that although everything looks wonderful here...it is even better in person :) and....I L.O.V.E. your closet dividers!

  3. Ellyn, I love your guest blog post!!! Your comment about the green looking good with only a few colors is very insightful! I'm thinking Audrey would love the closet dividers. If only I could get her to hang up her clothes!!

  4. I find this post really worth reading, keep up the great job!

  5. great job, keep spririt n sukses

  6. Ellyn your room looks cute! I love how it shows your relationship with your mother. Great Job!