Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Beauty

This is such a beautiful time of year.  The beauty of spring causes me to pause and gaze out my windows and to linger in my yard to soak it up.  The trees are blooming in central Iowa and the lavender icing on the redbud branches takes my breath away. 
Of all this beauty, there is nothing that cheers my soul like daffodils.  Since I was a little girl, I have loved daffodils.  The vase on my table is like a bouquet of sunshine.  They call out HOPE!  I have always thought that the shape of their bloom looks like a trumpet or a sort-of mouth... it looks like something that sound could come out of.  I can't help but wonder what daffodils will be like in Heaven.  I know that Heaven will be an amazing place, and that I won't be disappointed with anything as I sit in the presence of Christ. I know that there will be surprises there--so, it would really trip my trigger if daffodils could burst into song and shout for joy! 

Isaiah 49: 13
"Shout for joy, O Heavens; rejoice, O Earth; burst into song, O mountains!"

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