Thursday, April 8, 2010


This is the busiest time of year for every family I know.
We are all coming to life after a very long winter--doesn't it feel good!

We have four kids in 4 sports and a really full calendar.  Besides the spring sports, we still have dance, driver's education, church activities, band concerts, piano lessons.  When I enter events in my Blackberry phone, I keep getting this message:

We rely on others to help us get our kids to all their practices, etc. while we drive to a different meet, game, or practice.  Thank you to our friends and neighbors for sharing the driving!

This week we have the first track meets, the first concession stand duty, the first soccer game, the first softball practices, prom and the progressive supper that we are helping to host, our church art show, plus the activities we've already been doing this school year.   Life is full and busy and the weird thing is-- I get more accomplished on weeks like this than I did this winter when I sat around in sweat pants half the day with nothing going on.  Such is life!

However, we can't do anything else, because there's no more room to write anything on the calendar:
*color coded by kid  : )

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