Sunday, January 17, 2010

Colorado Ski Trip--part 2

This is our fourth year to come to Colorado to ski in January.  My family loves to ski.   I love to read books by a warm, crackling fire, while my family skis.  And I love to drink hot chocolate with my darlings when they need to warm up.

The first year we came to Beaver Creek in Avon, Colorado, my family looked like this:

And this...      
(look at these baby faces)

Jan. 2007
Ellyn (12) and Brandon (14)
Meggan (6) and Ryan (8)

Now they look like this:

and this...
Ellyn (15)     Meggan (9)     Ryan (11)     Brandon (17)
Jan. 2010

Today is their last day to ski.  I am sorry to report that Byron woke up with a pounding headache and could barely eat breakfast.  He had to go back to bed...on the last day of skiing. The kids were stunned and sympathetic.  After lounging around for a while, Brandon, Ellyn and Meggan got their gear on and left to ski.
Ryan picked up his book.  He didn't care if he didn't get to ski anymore.  Byron does care--he wanted to get an early start, since it was the last day. I hope he can make it out at some point today.

update:  Byron made it out to the slopes after lunch and enjoyed an afternoon of skiing with Brandon and Ellyn. Yay!

Tomorrow we will get up early and eat breakfast on the run.  We will spend the day in the van and feel very happy when we arrive home.


On another note...a musical note, that is...

Brandon, Ellyn and I get to see Chris Thile and the Punch Brothers tonight in the impressive concert hall here in the village.  We have seats 11th row center.  (Christ Thile is a mandolin player/singer/song writer extraordinaire and overall musical genius, who played with the acoustic trio Nickel Creek before they parted ways.)  He formed this new band with four other extremely talented musicians, and they play a blend of bluegrass-folk-classical-jazz.  I can't wait to hear them.  We are so excited!

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