Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ryan -- birthday number 15!!!

Ryan turns 15 today!
He was my tiniest baby--hard to believe now that he has a deep voice and is taller than all the girls in the family.

He likes to play the clarinet and drive himself to school (so that he can get there early).
He has a school permit and can only drive to school. I'm glad he isn't driving everywhere yet--I'm not really ready for that emotional-mommy stress.

This year I am most proud of him for the hard work and time he has invested in preparing to audition for All State band. Auditions are this Saturday and he has worked so hard. It would be uncommon for a freshman to make it, but regardless of the outcome I know he has become a better musician just preparing for the audition, which will serve him for many years.

Happy birthday Ryan!

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