Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Branson vacation -- July 2013

Please forgive me for posting some old news.
I'd really love to get caught up with some things I have neglected to post about...

Our family vacationed in Branson for a long weekend in late July.
We went to Dixie Stampede, which was a lot of fun and had fabulous food. The outlet mall provided some great bargains. The remainder of our time was spent in a boat on Table Rock Lake. 

Most of the pictures I took were on the water, except this one outside Dixie Stampede. Love these 4!

There was a huge cliff along the lake. It made my heart race just looking at it. (I'm scared of heights.)
My oldest and youngest jumped off. It seemed like time stopped while I waited for Meg to surface!
Brandon was in the water waiting for her, which gave me a little piece of mind.
Really, I would have liked to tell them they couldn't jump. But I was super proud that they are braver than I.
They loved it and Brandon went back for a second jump, because it was so exhilarating!
I guess I'll never know about that feeling! :)

Meg's jump...

 Brandon's jump...

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