Monday, September 23, 2013

College--she flew from our nest

A few short weeks ago we dropped our oldest daughter off at college.

This was my Instagram post that day. It said, "She's ready to fly from my nest...we will miss her so."

Our son started college two years ago, but he is only 15 minutes away. Ellyn's college is two hours away, which isn't terribly far, but we'll see her much less than we have been accustomed to the past 18 years.

In the weeks prior to her moving, I tried not to let my mind spend much time thinking about her absence from our home. Instead, I tried to enjoy each day with her and remember that this is what we raised her to do. I am so excited for her to grow and mature in her passion for life and people.  I won't pretend that tears were not shed on multiple occasions. Her fun and fiery presence in our house is huge, and I knew all along that she would be greatly missed by our family.

We took the whole crew along to move her into her dorm room. After assembling the futon, unpacking her boxes, and getting her settled, we took her out for supper. Then it was time for the hugs, tears and goodbyes.

In these first few weeks of the semester, we have spent a lot of time keeping in touch with our phones. I am grateful for the option of hearing her voice and seeing her "selfie" as she heads off to class. She sends random pics that make me smile and feel connected with her.  It is fun to hear her excitement as she experiences college life for the first time.

Or this one that said, "I miss my pets."
She is adjusting really well, like she always does with anything new and exciting. She is making great friends and getting plugged in with a church and campus ministry. We are super proud of her!

I miss her like crazy and count down the days until I see her again, but there is no doubt--
she was born to fly!

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