Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Five: It's been three weeks

Just a quick post to say I'm still here!

1.  It's track season, except that it's still like winter much of the time. Meets and practices are cancelled left and right. Track season in Iowa is already so short.  It's really sad to barely have any meets.

Last week,  Ellyn and a good friend ran against each other. The friend was our neighbor girl when the girls were little, but moved when the girls were in early elementary school.  They have so many fond memories together. (So do their older brothers, who are also the same age and are both now attending Iowa State University). Even though their family only moved about 10 miles away, we just don't see them very often. It was a beautiful evening to reconnect with their family beside the track.

2. It's also "end of senior year" season, which has our calendar and job list pretty full. Ellyn has such a great class of students and teachers. The list of "last ever" events, like prom, band trip, chorus concert and band concert are coming quickly.  The reality of it all hasn't really sunk in yet.
This is senior night at the last band concert:

3.  My senior daughter's graduation party is Sunday afternoon, and we have been consumed with a to-do list that is a mile long.  It has been fun to plan the party with her--we could plan parties full-time and not tire of it. :)  This was a picture from our big project day last weekend.

4.  Our driveway/sidewalk project is finished. It looks amazing. While the project was in process, we had to park in various other further away places, which made grocery shopping a pain. We very much appreciate the use of our garage again and the added pavement to drive in and out on.
I guess I will have to take some new pictures. This is what it looks like covered with snow--white!

5. The snow across the midwest has been a surprise and a hassle.  I watered sod in 80+ degree weather all day Tuesday and watched it snow all day Thursday. We probably have 5-6 inches this morning. The kids had a two hour delay. Their last day of school is in 4 weeks.

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