Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Five

1. Ellyn went to prom last weekend and had a fun time. She was beautiful in her teal dress.
 Her prom group was large and they traveled out to eat and to the dance in a limo. (Even though the limo seems unnecessary, I like knowing that my kid is  being driven by a professional driver, rather than a teenage friend--the price tag for peace of mind.)

This little girl was pretty excited to see Ellyn in her pretty dress:

2. Track season is sort of underway for my two girls. Our cold spring has caused several meets and practices to be cancelled.

3. We are living in a construction zone, because we are expanding our driveway and front sidewalk. Finding driveway space for our five vehicles hasn't been working out very well, so we're excited to have the extra space.   In the meantime, we have a mess.

4. Ellyn and I are spending a lot of time going through old pictures to prepare for her graduation party.
We found this gem and I just had to share. 
Christmas 2000
5. These stepping stones are 12 years old and have been buried in a flower bed for a long time. 
Seeing these little hand prints and foot prints brought back a lot of memories.

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  1. That Christmas picture is awesome!
    And when did you start the driveway expansion? That will be nice! I feel like I was in Huxley within the past month, and didn't even notice as I drove by.