Monday, September 10, 2012

Randomness from the past week...

Praying mantis in the driveway...coolest insect ever:

It was so great (NOT) to find this truck and the parking "situation" it created when I came out of the grocery store. I was thinking about some really awful things I wanted to do to this person and the truck as I got in the passenger side and crawled through to my driver's seat. I'm over it now.

Rainbow of corduroy at Target...happy:

I fell in love with this pillow and can't wait to try to sew one at craft day.  (I need to confess that it gave me the urge to re-do my entire bedroom. I'm trying to suppress the urge.)

I have a helper hanging out with me today.
You can probably tell by her big smile that she likes to help do laundry:

Retro Light-Bright...yay!

Meg is getting pretty good with her bow...and hunting season is just around the corner:

I LOVED finding these darlings on my computer today, taken by one of Ellyn's friends:

Compare to these two pics taken one year ago. Ryan has changed sooooo much:


  1. Ha! That truck parking job is grand. My first thought.....he's from Missouri. Then I remembered you are from there too. Oops! :)
    And craft day?!

  2. Hahaha...the parking incident DID happen in Missouri over Labor Day weekend! Too funny!