Saturday, March 17, 2012

Still here... update

I am still here.
February was not a good month for me (saying goodbye to Levi, long winter, Byron had a long work trip, no sunshine).

Hello March! We are so glad you are here, and that you are bringing such goodness.

It's so easy to forget about blogging when you're busy with life. And the sun is shining.
I have good intentions to give some of these things their own posts, but for now, here's what we've been up to.

--I had another craft day and it was super fun and relaxing.
--Meg had solo contest and got a I+ on her trumpet solo.

--I stamped some cards, which I have missed doing the past couple of years.
--Ellyn and I, and some girls and their moms, spent an afternoon sewing pillowcase dresses to send to orphans in Africa. Pictures and post to come later.
--We had parent/teacher conferences for the three younger kids. (Apparently they don't have those for college kids...we think they should.)
--I got a hair cut and hilight = good hair days :)
--Ellyn had an eye exam (it had been a while) and still does NOT need glasses...the only one in the family, and extended family. Lucky duck.
--we headed to Missouri for spring break

--My mom and I stamped a bunch of cards. One of our favorite things to do together.
--We helped my sister-in-law celebrate her 40th...her bff's threw her a great party!
--We spent 2 days in KC for some spring break, eating, WW I memorial, Federal Reserve Bank money museum, more shopping, more eating. The trees were blooming!

--Spring break with sunshine and temps around 80 degrees every day!!!
--Byron started flying around in an airplane again (first time since 1987). He's in the pilot's seat. :)

--Brandon and Meg stayed with the MO relatives for the remainder of spring break.
--The MO cousins got an unexpected spring break because 20% of their schoolmates were sick and they cancelled school for the week (but the cousins are NOT sick!)
--so they all went fishing and caught a bunch of fish.

--Ellyn and Ryan came back to IA with us, for the end of spring break
--we cleaned out all the flowerbeds (that never, ever happens this early, since its usually cold, raining, or super windy...yay for a fabulous spring break)
--Ellyn and I shopped for and purchased her prom dress (gone 3.5 hrs...score!)
--We gave Ryan's room a new look (and cleaning)...maps, president posters, and the Declaration of Independence adorn his walls.
--Byron and I took Ryan on a date...yes, only Ryan. 2 parents/1 child/love.
--I sewed a fun apron for a friend to give as a gift. It has pompoms on it. :)

--I miss Brandon and Meggan. You can come home now, kids.

It feels really good that all these things have been accomplished--work, play, creativity, appointments, purchases taken care of. I have been crossing things off my list in a fury!

It's a good thing too, because we are going to get busy with something else. 
A very recent development...
A young, single mom from Rosebud Indian Reservation is going to move in with us for a short time. She has two babies...9 mos. and 2 1/2 yrs.
She needs a new start, opportunity, help, and the strength to accomplish these things.
It won't be easy. Please pray for us all.

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  1. Kate told me last night that you are hosting a Rosebud girl and her two kids. As I drove home, I praised God for your obedience and asked him to show up every day to provide for you as you love and serve them. I will be praying for you!