Monday, February 20, 2012

Dear Diary...

 My daughter Ellyn wrote in a diary periodically when she was around seven to eight years old. She is seventeen now.  Where did the time go! She was an adorable little girl and she is still adorable.
Ellyn - age 7 1/2
Yesterday she got out the diary and read aloud some of her entries. I laughed until my cheeks hurt. I couldn't resist sharing--hope you get a chuckle too.
(I kept her original spellings, etc. for even more entertainment.)

"Dear Diary. it's rilly worm. I'm wering shortes and a tanc top. School gets out in 10 days. I can't wate. Today I have art!!! Hay did you know that at first I did not like barbies but now I do! I think Meggan does to."

"Dear Diary, today I baby sat and I got a doller! I will be baby sitting evry Tusday and Thersday! Me and my grandma are saving up for a new doll. We only haf to get 18 more dollers...It's hot out and the flowers are wilting."

"Dear Diary, I think we ran out of money. So I'm giving my dad $20 for Christmas. Well...maby. I don't know if he would want me to do that? I know that he's rich in God! and his family. He had to figure out today how much money we owe the city. Let's get happy hear. Lets talk about how my dad makes me feal better, when I'm sad or mad."

"Dear Diary. Today me, Ryan and Erica (neighbor girl) cleaned the hole house except my mom's room and the bathroom and the school room and lundry room. The loft. and my bathroom. and Brandon's bedroom. But all of that was either clean or we coudn't go in there. And we did it all while my mom was gone. And when she walked in she said, Ryan the house is clean. But she didn't know that we did all of the basment or anything but the laundry room. And then I told her that we scrubed the flore. and unloded the dishwasher and load the dishwasher. I said what we didn't do and asked her if that was all right and she said oh yah!   gonna go. joy! Ellyn"    (her name is written in cursive)

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