Friday, November 25, 2011

A Prayer for Our Homes

I read this prayer at Life in Grace today, taken from the Lutheran prayer book.

Lord God, our home is among the most precious
gifts we receive in this life.
We realize this all the more as we remember our Lord Jesus.
He set aside home and family.
Having no place to lay His head throughout
His ministry, He chose to sojourn among those
He came to save.

We prayerfully invite Him to dwell in our earthly abode
even as He continually invites us by Word and Sacrament to dwell
forever in our heavenly home, which He prepares for us.

Make us ever grateful for this shelter from life's storms.
Keep this house always the home of comfort, joy, peace and forgiveness.
According to Your will, protect this home from the spiritual assaults of Satan,
but likewise make our home a fortress against the calamities of nature
and the wickedness of sinful man.

Grant us the virtue of hospitality, the joy of harmonious living,
and the blessing of gathering around Your word
and bringing our families' prayers before You.

May all who dwell in our home be blessed
by your presence and your peace,
and may all who go forth give thanks for the grace
they receive from You,
through us, our dear children.

We receive your loving kindness in our home
as a reminder of the eternal home we inherit through Your son,
Jesus Christ, in whose name we pray.

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