Thursday, September 29, 2011

Craft Day

Back in February,  Meg Duerksen, who is one of my favorite bloggers, held a craft weekend. She invited her crafty friends to her home for a weekend of craft making, antique/junk shopping and yummy food. I wished that I was one of her crafty friends.

There were no kids, no hubbies, only Waffle the Wonder Dog was allowed to stay home for craft weekend.

Waffle and Mandie would be such good friends. They both lay on furniture with children, have birthday parties, get dressed in various articles of clothing, and ride around with their people in vehicles.

Meg's Waffle:



Our Mandie:

I forgot this was a post about craft day...

After school started in August, I scheduled a craft day with some of my crafty friends, so that I could have fun like Meg Duerksen. We didn't spend the weekend together...just the day. We didn't get to go junk/antique shopping. We didn't stay up late into the night sewing. But we had a great time enjoying our crafts, a pot-luck lunch, and great fellowship. It was like therapy to me. I can't tell you how it felt to see my friends walking up my driveway carrying bags full of crafty goodness in one hand and sewing machines in the other! I wish I had a photo of it, but it is only a snapshot in my mind. Pure happiness!

My friends, Mindy of  Best Energies Best Affections and Nicole of Farmgirl Chaos, blogged about our August craft day in a more timely manner than I. Just click here to read and see more pictures: Mindy's Craft Day and Nicole's craft day post

We made fabric flower brooches, tile coasters, and gift tags hand-written in my friend Mary's beautiful font.

We just had our second craft day this week. (I am trying to host craft day once a month.) 
It was just as fun and therapeutic. If it weren't for craft day, I don't think I'd be making anything creative.  I had so much fun, that I only took time to snap one picture:

So far, our craft days have used a lot of chalk board paint. : )
These gals in the photo above are painting antique trays with chalkboard paint. 

Here is a picture of my final products. New pillows for fall, tile coasters (didn't get time to make any last time) and another flower brooche.  I started the white scarf prior to craft day...  a tiny bit more trim and it will be finished.

Please go to Nicole's blog and check out her pictures. You must see the adorable button bracelet she on my list!

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  1. Seriously....if you have pillows missing one of these days, do NOT come knocking on my door. :)